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We’re Saving a Seat for You

A gospel-centered church committed to Christ-centered worship and life-on-life discipleship for a global mission

Visiting a new church can be a little scary and overwhelming. We invite you to explore the information below to make your visit something to look forward to.

We’re here because of the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are sinners who have been rescued from sin by Jesus Christ. Though we have different backgrounds, ethnicities, opinions, and personalities, we find commonality in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We gather each week to worship the one true God revealed in the Bible. We're grateful for the privilege He has given us to worship, live, and serve in our local community.

We rely on God's grace to give us true unity to function together as one body in Jesus Christ, submitted to the Word of God, and committed to living that Word out in our daily lives.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We strive for an intentional culture of grace, vibrant corporate worship, and discipleship.
A Culture of Grace

Trinity Church seeks to be a community characterized by grace. We pray for and actively strive for grace to permeate every aspect of our church culture. Because we recognize our deep gospel neediness, we are quick to extend grace to those in our church family, to other local churches, and to the people of our community.

A Culture of Vibrant Corporate Worship

Trinity Church seeks to be a community characterized by vibrant, full-hearted, participatory, unified, Christ-centered corporate worship. Because we believe that the worship of the gathered church should be corporate, not individual, we see every aspect of worship as an act the entire congregation joins in, rather than observes. We strive to sing, pray, and preach the Word in a way that encourages the participation of the entire congregation in our worship.

A Culture of Discipleship

Trinity Church seeks to be a community characterized by disciple-making followers of Jesus. Because we believe that the mission of the church is making disciples of Jesus Christ, we develop intentional relationships for the purpose of encouraging each other to pursue Christ, and we actively pray for and seek out relationships for the purpose of calling others to follow Christ.

Our Mission and Core Values


We are a gospel-centered church committed to Christ-centered worship and life-on-life discipleship for a global mission

Core Values
  • Christ-centered Worship: We worship the Father, Son, and Spirit through the blood of Jesus

  • Life-on-life Discipleship: The Church grows as one life touches another life with the Word.

  • The Sufficiency of Scripture: God's Word is enough.

  • Gospel-centered: The gospel is the power of God for all of life.

  • Holy Spirit Power: God's Spirit works today.

  • Global Mission: We make disciples of all peoples.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Walking into a church for the first time can be intimidating, so we want to help you know what to expect when you visit Trinity Church.
We promise not to embarrass you or point you out. You can come knowing you are in the midst of a group of broken people whom all need God’s grace.

It can be confusing finding us the first time! If you head to the Citadel Mall Food Court entrance near Target, you can head toward Belk. Our meeting room, "The Reserve," will be on your right just before Belk.
What to Wear

We have a diversity of people attend our services and are thankful for a congregation with a variety of dress. We encourage you to come as you are.

Format of Service

Our service is intentional in trying to incorporate the Word of God in all that we do. We sing several songs, offer congregational and pastoral prayers to God, hear Scripture read, and give our offerings and tithes. We conclude each worship service by observing the Lord's Supper and closing with a benediction. After services end, you'll find folks talking over the sermon and events of the past week.


Preaching at Trinity Church is generally expositional, meaning that it seeks to systematically work through passages of Scripture, declaring the point of a particular Biblical passage, with practical application rooted in the redemptive story of Scripture. Our sermon series regularly alternate between the Old and New Testaments. All preaching is driven by the Gospel, the Bible’s main message of God saving sinners through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Every Sunday is an adventure in a church plant! We love children and love having them in our worship service. We have a breakout room and plenty of space available for children who get restless, and background checked volunteers are eager to assist you in caring for your children.


We invite children to attend worship and dismiss those first grade and under to Children's Church during the sermon. There they will study a Bible Story, sing a song or two, pray, and get to play. It is our hope that Children's Church fosters community and a heart for worship among our young children Children re-enter the worship service during the final congregational song.


We sing a blend of lyrically rich songs both recent and historic. Those of us who are comfortable with music from one particular era have discovered that we come to enjoy other songs we had not previously encountered.


We strongly prefer congregational singing, which emphasizes the gathered body enthusiastically singing praise to God with one voice. We often sing with keyboard and cajon and love to include a guitar when we can.

Community & Prayer

We build intentional breaks into our morning schedule to foster relationships among the congregation. Following our worship service, we take a 20–30 minute snack break before closing our morning with an informal, family-style season of corporate prayer. We take requests, pray for one another, and leave encouraged and equipped for the week ahead.

Meet the Staff

Meet Our Team


Joshua Pegram

Lead Pastor

The Lord led Joshua, his family, and a wonderful team of people to plant Trinity Church in 2022. Joshua loves seeing churches formed by the gospel as they dig deep into the Word of God and are empowered by the Spirit of God. He and his family have served at churches in the South Carolina Upstate and Lowcountry and in the Chicago, IL, area. After finishing an undergraduate degree in music and an M.A. in Theology, Joshua completed his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in historical theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

Joshua and his wife Liz have three children and are actively seeking to adopt a fourth. They love hanging out together, exploring new adventures in the Charleston area, and reading good books. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys working outdoors, playing and watching most sports, reading, and spending time with people. He is passionate about the gospel and seeing it impact life on a daily basis.


Hoan Le

Pastoral Assistant

Hoan is passionate about Jesus, theology and coffee. His parents are from Vietnam ... so no one has to ask what kind of Asian he is. :) He is currently studying pastoral ministry at The College at Southeastern. He enjoys sports, reading, cooking, and engaging in theological conversations. Hoan loves seeing people grow in faith as he actively does discipleship and evangelism.

What We Believe
Image by Aaron Burden

What We Believe

We seek to be Word-driven and Christ-centered.

The Word of God governs our life, and we believe the Bible points to Jesus Christ. The Bible is God's written Word—His communication to us of who He is, what He does, and what He expects of us. The Bible alone holds the authoritative answers to the questions of life and eternity.

The written Word is a reflection of the Living Word, Jesus Christ. It is our reliable, sufficient rule for faith and practice.

We seek to be timeless in our message.

Because we believe the gospel is central and that our church life should be governed by the Word of God, we practice expository, Christ-centered preaching. We strive to make our message accessible to everyone, while still preaching the full counsel of God.


Our message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We seek to share this message compassionately with the hurting to make a difference in our community, while also engaging in committed missions efforts throughout the world.


We hold to historical Baptist distinctives, adhere to the Baptist Faith & Message (2000) and enjoy cooperative gospel efforts with other local churches and ministries.

We seek to be relevant in our vision.

We believe that the Bible is relevant and contains everything we need to face the problems of life today. We are ordinary people who submit to the work of God in our hearts to change us to become more like His Son, Jesus. 

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